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A Sunday Morning visit from Dr. Ross Lawrence in his '31 Ford. This morning he gave a ride in the rumble seat to Mr. and Mrs. Roger Ward. Roger can be seen in the background. The '31 is one of many unique vehicles that pull up to Temple. We see everthing from street rods to pristine classics to the horse & carriage during the Christmas Candlelight Tour. Walk, run, drive or pedal on in to Temple.

A peek from our "new" room into the old. You also see just a bit of our wall-stuff, including a few of our old yearbooks and other memorable goodies. A newspaper article on Temple's original owner; A picture of our visit from the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile; The Amahl poster (starring one of our old employees who's gone on the bigger and better things); We're over 80 years old: we've got alot to show you.

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